About the network

The Network for Suicide Prevention Berlin combines more than 30 aid organizations treating crises, depression and mental health.

The aim is to stop tabooing suicide. People shall be encouraged to openly talk about suicide and to make use of the existing help organizations. The network aims to reduce suicides and suicide attempts but also to support suicidal people, relatives and surviving dependents.

Aims of the network

Raising awareness through enlightening the public community.

Improving social attitudes and eliminating stigmatization of people with mental illness and suicidal thoughts or behavior.

Identifying and addressing vulnerable groups.

Optimizing records and research to establish a reliable base of.

Improving diagnoses and management of suicidal behavior.

Supporting environmental and individual protective factors.

Reducing the access to the instruments for suicide.

Encouraging the media to adjust their coverage of suicide with better guidelines and methods.

Assisting and helping surviving dependents.

World Suicide Prevention Day

Annually on the 10th of September.

Events in Berlin: www.wspt-berlin.de

Events in Germany: http://welttag-suizidpraevention.de/

Organizations involved