Berlin Suicide Prevention Center

Who we are

Berlin Suicide
Prevention Center

The Berlin Suicide Prevention Center was founded in 2022 out of the Suicide Prevention Network Berlin and is funded by the Senate Department for Science, Health and Care. The supporting organization is the Caritas Berlin.

Who we are:

Our goals

The Berlin Suicide Prevention Center aims to reduce suicides in Berlin by one third by 2030. We are committed creating living conditions that enable suicidal crises to be overcome. Our vision is a city that takes mental health seriously and promotes it in all areas of society.

Five fields of development

In order to achieve this goal, we, as the Berlin Suicide Prevention Center, support and coordinate the Suicide Prevention Network Berlin
and work together on 5 central fields of development:

Public relations and

Education and
educational offers

Health system and

Data and

Target groups and
Access to help

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