Darkness into Light Berlin

News 11. May 2024

“Darkness into Light” is coming to Berlin, organized by Pieta House and Telefonseelsorge Berlin e.V.

“Darkness into light is a very expressive image for the struggle with mental health that so many people go through. Both Pieta House and Telefonseelsorge Berlin e.V. support people in this struggle and help them overcome the darkness. We are therefore delighted to have been chosen as Pieta House’s partner for Darkenss Into Light in Berlin, as this event sends a really strong message about the goals that unite our organizations.”
(Kerstin Großmann, Managing Director Telefonseelsorge Berlin e.V.).

On Saturday, May 11th, 2024, a major event on suicide prevention will take place in Berlin on Tempelhofer Feld. It is called “Darkness Into Light”. Visitors will meet at dusk (4:15 am) for a 5 km run or walk (1.5 hours) and move from dusk into day, i.e. from darkness into light, symbolizing the overcoming of mental health problems.

“Darkness Into Light” originated in Ireland and is organized every year by the Irish charity Pieta House (https://www.pieta.ie/), which is dedicated to helping people with suicidal thoughts and self-harming behaviour. The event now also takes place internationally. And this year it is coming to Germany for the first time, organized by Pieta House and Telefonseelsorge Berlin e.V. (https://telefonseelsorge-berlin.de/).

Impressions of Darkness Into Light 2023: YouTube

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Saturday, May 11th, 2024 | Start at 04:15 a.m.

Meeting point:
Tempelhofer Feld
main entrance, Oderstraße (Ost)
12049 Berlin

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