costs lives.

Preventing suicides –
talking helps!

costs lives

If you found your way here, you may be looking for help. Are you feeling down right now? Are you thinking, “I can’t take it anymore”? Are your thoughts even turning to how you might take your own life?

With the button you can get in touch with real people right now. Directly, anonymously and confidentially. They listen to you without judging you. They know the ups and downs of life – especially those in this wild, big, noisy city.

Give them a chance. And give yourself a chance. Together, it’s easier to bring light into the darkness.

Talking about suicide?
Difficult, but important!

Talking about mental illness in general and suicide and suicidality in particular can be stressful. After all, it is very frightening when the thought of taking one’s own life arises in one’s own mind or when this thought suddenly seems plausible. Feelings of shame can also surface. It is a big step to then open up and share these distressing feelings with another person.

But the conviction of being cut off from the world and society is not immutable. There are ways out of the darkness. And those ways often begin with conversation. Conversations can be bridges that lead back to life.

In the section “I can’t take it anymore” you will find a lot of information that can support you on your way back to life. Among other things, there are a few ideas on how you can start a conversation with someone about your thoughts and feelings.

Not suicidal, but affected by suicide

Help and support is also available for those who are indirectly affected by suicide, i.e. relatives and survivors. But also people who have witnessed a suicide as witnesses or bystanders often feel so burdened that support through conversations, information and tips can be helpful.

The section “I can’t take it anymore” you will find as an indirectly affected person also a lot of information, offers of help and tips on how to process the experience of a suicide.

Conversations create closeness. And closeness helps against suicidal tendencies


Often it is small signals that indicate that a person is mentally unwell: changed behavior, for example, such as social withdrawal, more alcohol or drug use, or a small remark in passing that makes you wonder.

Talk about your fears.

If you notice any of these warning signs, don’t be afraid to address this person directly. Be empathetic, don’t judge, and above all, listen. Even if you can’t offer a concrete solution yourself.

Let’s talk about it.

Let’s become bridge

Suicide Prevention Berlin

The Berlin Suicide Prevention Center would like to educate and raise awareness. Suicidal thoughts and suicidal acts must no longer be a taboo subject.

Let’s break the silence together!

This silence can cost human lives. Those who talk about their thoughts and feelings can more easily find the saving help in life crises. And those who are well informed can more easily be the saving help and reduce fears and prejudices.

Get informed!

On our pages we want to inform you comprehensively about the topic of suicide and introduce the Berlin Suicide Prevention Center. In addition, we show you different contact points where you can turn to. The Suicide Prevention Network Berlin unites more than 30 aid organizations that cover the entire city area from Spandau to Hellersdorf.

Offers of help are closer than you think.

Help where you want to help

Around 400 people take their own lives every year in Berlin alone. That’s more than one suicide a day. A fact that we no longer want to accept. But in order to help, we need many helping hands and empathetic, clever minds.

Suicide prevention is a task that can work in many different areas of society. It is a goal to which there are many different paths. Paths that can be shaped very differently by each individual and that support people in finding their way back into life.

Together, we create paths.

Suicide prevention concerns us all.

Together, we can help to ensure that we as a society talk more about suicidal thoughts and behavior and that affected people receive the support and help they need.

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